Bundawarrah Centre

The “Bundawarrah Centre” was established in 2011 to reflect the growing diversity of the Temora Rural Museum site.

While the Rural Museum remains the principal attraction of the complex, its street frontage has been remodeled to provide a modern and welcoming introduction to the Temora community through the Temora Visitor Information Centre.

Mother Shipton’s

Associated with the Visitor’s Centre is Mother Shipton’s. This facility offers a full commercial kitchen and seating for groups of up to fifty guests. Opening onto a paved terrace overlooking the landscaped grounds of the museum, “Mother Shipton’s offers the perfect venue for family, community or business gatherings.

The Temora Local and Family History Research Centre

The Temora Local and Family History Research Centre is co-located with the Rural Museum. Conducted by the Temora Local & Family History Group, the centre provides assistance to family and community historians through its extensive and ever increasing collection of resources.

The Centre is open on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday afternoons from 1.00pm to 4.00pm each week and at other times by appointment.

Staff can be contacted by phone on 02 69772038 or preferably by email at temorafamilyhistory@bigpond.com

Research fees begin at $30.00 and increase to reflect the extent of research required and duplicated records sought.

The Research Centre is supported by the Temora Community Archive which is also located on site. An extensive collection of Local Government, Community and Family records, this reference library resource includes the historical records of Temora Shire Council, local newspaper files, and the Minutes and other records generated by a host of local organisations and community groups.

Temora Shed 4 Men

“Temora Shed 4 Men” is also based at the Bundawarrah Centre. With a membership in excess of seventy local men, the men’s shed is a hive of activity, with its members always engaged on a wide variety of private or community centred projects. Carpentry & joinery, bicycle repairs and gardening are among the themes that occupy the members. Members also undertake restoration projects in support of the Rural Museum.

The Shed 4 Men opens regularly on Monday and Thursday from 9.00am and on Wednesday afternoons from 1.00pm.

For enquiries please ring 0428 924163