The 7 Best Byron Bay Walks & Hikes

There's no place on the NSW coast exactly like Byron Bay. A longtime favourite escape for Australians from all over the country, Byron Bay is more than a location. It's a state of mind, influenced by a lifestyle that places a firm focus on improving physical and mental health. That means the retreats, spas and health food outlets are matched by the incredible beauty of the area and an impressive collection of hikes and walks.

You’ll find easy walks along the amazing coastline of Byron Bay and the surrounding towns, many of which are paved or very well graded. For something more challenging, head west, away from the shimmering coastline and into the Byron Hinterland and its rich range of national parks waiting to be explored by keen hikers.

Check out the best walks and hikes in Byron Bay and find a rewarding route that will help you get the most out of your time up north.


Cape Byron Walking Track

Woman enjoying a scenic walk along the Cape Byron Walking Track in Cape Byron

A lovely, rather easy walk that's become one of the most popular of its kind in all of New South Wales

When you're talking about the best Byron Bay hikes and walks, no list is going to be complete without including this signature stroll. The Cape Byron Walking Track has a little bit of everything. And while you can cover the 3.7km loop in a couple hours, why would you ever want to? As with most things in this part of the world, it's better to just leave the watch at home and take your time.

Spend the whole afternoon working your way slowly through the different sections of this walk. You'll have access to wonderful beaches and views of the ocean. You'll walk on cliff tops and through beautiful rain forest. And, of course, you'll get a chance to visit the storied Cape Byron Lighthouse. With plenty of cafes along the way, you'll never be too far from a refreshing organic juice, re-energising coffee or some organic snacks that can put a little extra pep in your step.

This is a Grade 3 track, but should be good for walkers of just about every ability level. Tackle smaller sections of it with the kids, especially if you want to stop of at a couple of beaches.

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  • Parking? Yes, though you have to pay for street parking and spaces in car parks can be limited. If you're staying nearby, consider walking to the start of the path (which takes about 30 minutes).
  • Distance: 3.7km loop
  • Difficulty: Moderate


Minyon Falls

Man enjoying a walk along the Minyon Falls walking track in Nightcap National Park, Whian Whian

About 45min west of Byron Bay in the Byron Hinterland is a walk that leads to stunning views of one of NSW's best waterfalls

The Far North Coast is home to some of the best waterfalls in New South Wales. One of these is Minyon Falls, plunging 100m through the rainforest. And make sure to pack your swimmers, as you can jump into the clear pool at the foot of the falls.

This 13km return hike takes you through the gorgeous Nightcap National Park and its World Heritage-listed rainforests. It's a Grade 3 track, so moderately difficult, but you’ll be rewarded with gorgeous greenery at every turn. Pack picnic gear for a refuel at Minyon Grass picnic area or the scenic Minyon Falls lookout.

To explore more of the region, make Minyon Falls a pit stop on the drive between Byron Bay and Nimbin. This countercultural hotspot is known for promoting a more peaceful, laid back way of living, with visitors travelling from around the world to bask in all of its groovy glory.

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  • Parking? Yes, at Minyon Grass picnic area and Minyon Falls lookout.
  • Distance: 13km loop
  • Difficulty: Moderate


Lennox Head Boardwalk

Lennox Head Boardwalk in Byron Bay, North Coast

A short, quiet stroll in a lovely town just 15min south of Byron Bay

Sometimes less is more. The Lennox Head Boardwalk is an excellent short walk, especially for those with limited fitness or who have some youngsters with them. Plus it’s just a hop, skip and a jump from Byron.

As with most walks in this region, you'll be treated to expansive views of the Pacific Ocean. But what makes this option so nice is that these views are paired with a finished, family-friendly boardwalk route and a welcoming town full of cafes, restaurants and all-important bathroom facilities. Grab a coffee as you head out or reward the kids at the end with a tasty treat.

Park at the end of Rutherford Street and start the walk there. You'll head south, with the ocean on your left, until you reach Pat Morton Lookout atop Lennox Point. As Lennox Head is a favourite surfing spot for locals, you'll have plenty of entertainment as you watch people paddle, ride and wipe out from your perch on ‘The Point'.

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  • Parking? Yes, at a car park at the end of Rutherford Street or on other streets near the various access points along the boardwalk.
  • Time: About 30min one way
  • Difficulty: Easy


Victoria Park Boardwalk

Victoria Park boardwalk in Victoria Park Nature Reserve, North Coast

Another of the region's quick walks, perfect for families

If you didn’t get enough boardwalking in Lennox Heads or if you’re looking for another place to take the kids, the Victoria Park Boardwalk is a great option. You'll find plenty of information dotting the walk about native bushland and the area's indigenous population. Victoria Park Nature Reserve represents some of the area’s pre-colonial rainforest known as the Big Scrub that once covered 45,000 hectares.

Located another 35 minutes or so southwest from Lennox Head, you can head here after you're finished there for another nice little walk or just drive 45 minutes straight from Byron Bay. There are barbecues and picnic tables for public use if you want to recharge. There's also a car park at the reserve, and you shouldn't have to hunt for a space.

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  • Parking? Yes, in a car park on Victoria Road at Victoria Park Nature Reserve.
  • Distance: 400m loop
  • Difficulty: Easy


Jerusalem Creek Walk

Jerusalem creek, Bundjalung National Park, North Coast

A great route for bird lovers that sits south of Byron in Bundjalung National Park

If you're going to Byron, you're probably pretty keen to spend some time in the water. The Jerusalem Creek Walk gives you a chance to do exactly that, but not in the way you might think. This trail, located about 80min drive south of Byron Bay in Bundjalung National Park, takes you through lush bushland before emptying you out where the titular creek meets the ocean.

This is a great option for birdwatching aficionados, with a range of shorebirds calling the area home. And if you've got the right gear, you can even paddle in the creek or have a swim. This hike is flat and well maintained, so despite the length it’s not too difficult. If you want to complete the entire 10.3km trail, plan to spend the whole day away from Byron. The trail starts at the northern end of the Black Rocks campground – it’s signposted, so you can't miss it.

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  • Parking? Yes, at Black Rocks campground and Booroora picnic area, though there are vehicle fees for National Park entry.
  • Distance: 10.3km loop, with opportunities to shorten
  • Difficulty: Moderate


Pinnacle Walk

View from the Pinnacle Lookout across the Caldera to  Wollumbin Mount Warning

A short but epic walk that rewards you with outstanding views of Border Ranges National Park

For years, hikers flocked to the challenging 9km Wollumbin (Mount Warning) Summit Track. However, in 2015 the Bundjalung People asked visitors to respect this sacred native place and refrain from climbing it. The Pinnacle Walk is the perfect alternative, allowing you to respect their wishes while still getting a fantastic look of Border Ranges National Park.

Just 600m return, the Pinnacle Walk to the Pinnacle Lookout will treat you to amazing views of the aforementioned Wollumbin while you gaze out over dense rainforest and the Tweed Valley. There's a car park at the start of the walk, making access simple.

Now, the two-hour drive to walk for just 600m might put you off. But, as with many trips that leave the coast in the rearview mirror, the trip itself is worth the time with plenty of wonder outside the car window. And of course you can check out other short hikes in Border Ranges National Park to make the most of your time, including the Border Loop Walk, Palm Forest Walk, Bar Mountain Circuit and more.

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  • Parking? Yes, at a car park near the trailhead, though there is an $8 per vehicle per day entry fee.
  • Distance: 600m
  • Difficulty: Easy


Three Sisters Walking Track

Surfers walking along Broken Head Beach in Byron Bay, North Coast

A fantastic way to explore the nearby Broken Head Nature Reserve

Just a 20min drive south of Byron Bay sits the delightful Broken Head Nature Reserve. The Three Sisters Walking Track is an easy, yet satisfying, way to explore this area. (Note: be careful to not confuse this with the popular Three Sisters Walk in Katoomba!) You'll walk amongst the trees in a pleasant rainforest setting before culminating with yet another fantastic view of the NSW coastline, specifically of the captivating Kings Beach.

This is another walk that hits many of the spaces on any Byron hike and walk BINGO card: lush bushland, bright flowers, information about native people and wildlife, huge views of the coastline and easy beach access.

While not a paved or boardwalked track, there's nothing too hectic about it, making it another great option for walkers of just about all ages and abilities. Finding the trail head is also quite easy, as you can take off straight from the Broken Head Nature Reserve car park.

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  • Parking? Yes, at Broken Head Nature Reserve car park.
  • Distance: 1.6km
  • Difficulty: Easy